MediaPortal 1.0

Media Portal 1.0 is a program to manage your images, videos, music and more
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Media Portal 1.0 is a program to manage your photos, images, videos, music and more with an amazing interface very fresh we can handle all our multimedia resources with this program.
After we install the program we must to configure it to get all multimedia files in the browser, and select the skin that we want to use.
In Media Portal Configuration we can select different configurations like movies and select them from our folder of movies, database or player, DVD codecs, television in it you can use your capture card, tv channels, program guide or recording. You can add your radio stations take music from your folders, database or import music, get pictures from your folders, use seven differents remote controls and configure them. We can add too our city to see the weather and choose between different windows for news, sudoku, radio, wikipedia, msn messenger, play DVD, External Players plug-ins and Process Pluggins too.
When you open Media Portal the program open in a full screen then you can see in it different options like My Music, Videos, Pictures, Plug-ins, Radio in every one of it you can order in different ways like thumbnails, author, song, and more.
In the top the program count with a toolbar like a browser but with the functions buttons (play, pause, stop, etc.).
You can see the weather, listen your music, view your movies, and more with this lovely program very intuitive and totally amazing.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Can use your capture card, tv channels, add radio stations, take music from your folders, play sudoku or tetris and more


  • Hasn´t Disadvantages
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